Fruit & vegetable blob emojis for Discord

JUL 22, 2020

A dear friend of mine graced me with a Discord Nitro gift for my birthday month (July!), which ultimately prompted and catalyzed the creation of these fruit and vegetable blob emojis. The day after I received the gift, I started aggressively joining servers to use their emotes globally. Then, I noticed that Blob Hub Studios was actively accepting pack submissions and that there was a crucial demand in the market for fruit blobs, so I took the plunge.

Join my Discord server and use these blob emojis for your self (global use only available for Nitro users)! Additionally, my blobs are copyrighted by Blob Hub Studios. Join the larger network, too, which is home to over 12,000 unique blobs. Since submitting this pack, I’ve been named a Blob Designer as part of the Blob Hub Staff. Below are some of my favorite emojis I’ve created!

:blobraspberry: feeling loved and :bloblackberry: rolling its eyes. Twins with very different personalities!

An embarrassed :blobgrapefruit:, cool :bloblemon:, and zesty :bloborange:.

Suggestive :blobergine: and :blobpeach:.

Basic emotions for basic fruits, including :blobapple:, :blobpear, :blobanana:, :blobstrawberry:, and :bloberry:.