The best healthy banana-lemon poppyseed muffins (GF, DF, naturally-sweetened, V)

JAN 21, 2021

There's magic in these muffins. I'll attempt to explain exactly why they're so amazing, but you won't really know until you try them yourself.

Q&A with Software Engineer Cassidy Williams

AUG 05, 2020

Cassidy Williams, also frequently known online as cassidoo, is a software engineer based in Seattle, WA. I originially interviewed Cassidy in October 2019 for a piece about Technica, an all-female and non-binary hackathon, published in Ms. Magazine.

An ultimate guide to oat milk

AUG 01, 2020

Whether this is your first rodeo or your hundredth, there’s always more to learn about homemade oat milk. Today, I detail the lessons I’ve learned from my many trials and tribulations, ways to expand upon a foolproof recipe, new delicious flavors, and advice on handling leftover oat pulp.

Fruit & vegetable blob emojis for Discord

JUL 22, 2020

A dear friend of mine graced me with a Discord Nitro gift for my birthday month (July!), which ultimately prompted and catalyzed the creation of these fruit and vegetable blob emojis. The day after I received the gift, I started aggressively joining servers to use their emotes globally. Then, I noticed that Blob Hub Studios was actively accepting pack submissions and that there was a crucial demand in the market for fruit blobs, so I took the plunge.

Michelle Feng's journey in defying math academia norms

FEB 01, 2020

When fifth year UCLA PhD student Michelle Feng initially entered undergraduate college as a theoretical math major, she wasn’t expecting a future out of the ordinary. In fact, math seemed like the logical path to take simply because she performed well in math classes growing up. It wasn’t until graduate school that she discovered—and became passionate about—the field she works in today: applied topology in the context of social justice.

Q&A with Medical Illustrator Annie Campbell

AUG 22, 2019

Annie Campbell is a medical illustrator, animator, and creative studio director based in Glasgow, UK. In this interview, she explains her experience with a unique career that makes the most of both artistry and science communication.